Play the Road – composition on wheels

This has been around for a while now, but nonetheless  it represents a good example of an interactive music exploration done well.


Weav – new interactive music format

It has been a busy time for interactive music. Weav – “Musicians create tracks that can be played back at any speed and still sound awesome. The new format relies on two pieces of software – Weav, a mixer for creating tracks and a player that can be embedded in any third party app”

Weav’s promo video…


…and a little look under the bonnet



Locative Media & Sound Art symposim at Flanders Festival Kortrijk, Belgium

Flanders Festival Kortrijk, Belgium. A fesival of music and arts is hosting “Sounding City“.

Sounding City (Klinkende Stad) is a leading project for international sound art. It is the twilight zone in which visual art, sound and music are brought together in sound installations and walks. One of sounding City’s event is a Locative Media & Sound Art symposim with a great range of guest speakers.